Local Quality

We only use the highest quality, all natural ingredients in our prepared meats, primarily from local farms in the Fraser Valley. It all adds up to gourmet sausages full of flavor!

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Farmer’s Markets Info

Farmer’s Markets are where Stapleton Sausage Co began and they remain huge and meaningful part of our business. Markets are where we connect face to face with our customers to share ideas, tell stories and celebrate good food together.

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Good Food Starts With Good Ingredients

We’re committed to making a quality product our family is proud of. We do this by hand-making our sausages in our family-owned facility using only the highest quality, natural ingredients that contain no artificial preservatives. From each of our suppliers, we choose lean cuts of meat (not trimmings), natural casings, and quality ingredients to create our sausages and donairs. It’s this process that makes our products much lower in fat than other sausages on the market. Preservatives are not used in any of our products, so everything is flash frozen to guarantee absolute freshness. Our sausages are also gluten free and contain no MSG or nitrates!

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Everyday Grain Bowl

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Greek Donair Wrap

Perfect for lunch or weeknight dinner. Dress it up or down, this meal is one you will want to make over and over again.


Chipotle Cheddar Flatbread

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