#1 most helpful tip

Use a digital thermometer pen and cook all sausages to 165F internal temperature. Everything else is simply your browning and texture preferences.

General notes

Digital thermometers are awesome

Cook sausages to an internal temperature of 165F. This is the magic number because it guarantees both safety and juiciness. Safety – As a rule FoodSafe states all ground meat be cooked to this temperature as no potential bacteria survives it. Juiciness – because Stapleton Sausages are lower in fat than the typical sausage you want to be mindful to not overcook them.

Flavor & texture by browning

Internal temperature is important but it’s not everything! Browning meat is nearly as critical for a great experience – it’s how you enhance flavor and get great texture. The skill of cooking meat beautifully is arriving at your desired internal temperature with the kind of browning you prefer. This is also the most fun part of cooking meat – so play around with different methods and find out what you like!

Thawing sausages

Technically you can cook sausages from frozen but pre-thawing is strongly recommended. Cooking frozen meat you run the risk of overcooking the exterior before the center of the meat reaches 165F. Efficient thawing tip – submerge sealed package of sausages in room temperature water until sausages are soft enough to bend in the middle.

Oils and pans to use

Panfrying with oil – Whenever applying oil directly to a hot pan use a high heat oil (like Avocado or Coconut) to avoid the bitterness of burnt oil. Best pans to use – Anything high quality really, but we prefer cast iron pans as they hold a steady heat. Quality Stainless Steel pans are great too.

Cooking methods

BBG & Grill

Preheat your BBQ and grill over direct heat on medium-low, turning as needed. If pre-thawed, it should take approximately 12 to 14 minutes to fully cook (165F internal temperature).


After preheating your pan to medium heat add a small amount of oil and cook, turning as needed. If pre-thawed, it should take approximately 12 to 14 minutes to fully cook (165F internal temperature).

Pan-Fry – quick method

Place frozen sausages in 1/2″ of water and cover pan til water boils (or until internal temperature of sausages reach 130F). Drain water, add a little oil and brown sausages, until they reach 165F internal temperature, turning as needed.


Preheat oven to 350F placing baking sheet on middle oven rack, turning half way. If pre-thawed, it should take approximately 25-30 minutes to fully cook (165F internal temperature).

Product list and nutrition facts

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