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“Stapleton Sausage is the craft beer of sausages, half the fun is choosing the next exciting flavor. And then they actually deliver! My kids are buzzing with which Stapleton Sausage flavor is next!”

Brenden Lochhead | Customer

“I’ve been obsessed with Stapleton sausages for 3+ years now. Most sausages on the market currently are highly processed, a negligible source of protein and very high in fat. Stapleton has managed to do a lean sausage, with a high protein content that isn’t dry or lacking flavor. A rare feat. My favorite by far is pork and apple, if you haven’t tried with your morning pancakes yet you are seriously missing out. The Spanish chorizo and Mediterranean lamb are also to die for.”

Annie Tasaka | Owner and head nutrition coach for PowerUp Nutrition

“I’m a health conscious mother of two who insists on wholesome food with real ingredients for my family and my expectations were exceeded when I found Stapleton Sausages. They’re unbelievably delicious, low fat, high protein and have flavors for every kind of meal. Also, I’m celiac and they’re 100% gluten free so that’s a nice bonus too. My whole family loves them and we’ve told so many friends about them!”

Sandi O’Brien | Independent Epicure consultant | celiac

“As a Registered Dietitian and a mom I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, ingredients, flavor and nutrition profile for Stapleton Sausages. We love supporting this local, small business!  It’s definitely a product that I recommend and eat in my own home!”

Jenn Messina | Dietitian